Have you ever had to ice someone out of your life? I think I’m going to have to do it. I think I’m already doing it.

If you read my earlier post about bacon and friendship, it’s one of the friends from that post. You can read it here to refresh your memory. (And if you’re wondering how that friendship is progressing, let’s just say that it hasn’t taken long to realize turkey bacon isn’t bacon at all)

So, my birthday is in November and I always plan my parties well in advance. And I told all my friends last November that for my 30th this year, I wanted to do a Dirty 30 in Vegas. What better place to celebrate, right? So this friend has said from the beginning that she’s in. And she’s been talking about it all year long, about how much fun it’s going to be. I haven’t booked anything yet because not everyone has all their money saved up and we’re waiting for a sweet deal, but I’ve let everyone know the weekend that we’re going. Now, since she’s been leeching on my best friend all summer long, my bff tells me on Saturday that this other friend has already booked her Vegas vacation. With other people. For the week after I’ll be there. For my birthday. Have I mentioned it’s for my goddamn birthday?! And then she has the nerve to tell MY best friend about this trip she booked because it was such a good deal and ask her to go with them. My bff was like, umm…I’ll be there the weekend before. You know, for Amy’s birthday. It was like the thought never even crossed her mind. Or perhaps only briefly and I clearly am not very important to her. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that she hasn’t told me herself yet that she’s booked a different trip either. I know, she’s a real class act.

The worst part is, this is not the first time she’s burned me. There’s a running joke between myself and some other friends about “triple booking” which she somehow managed to do on my birthday a couple years ago. Again, I plan well in advance so she knew at least 2 months ahead of time what was happening for my birthday. And then she showed up for less than an hour, acted like an asshat, and left to go to the bar with some other friends. And not for anything special, just a regular night out.

I know all my friends fairly well. I have no illusions about them. As great as they are, I know their faults. And I love them because of them and in spite of them. Either you accept someone as they are or you don’t. And generally, I do. But I can only be pushed so far. Second chances have to end and I’m the fool now. So fuck it. I no longer accept her the way she is. I’ve been able to get around a lot of her faults (and believe me, there’s plenty), but I’m done. Let the icing commence!


Spa Day

I had a spa day yesterday. It wasn’t a reward because if you know me, you know that I like to treat myself fairly often. I like to go to Jane’s Skincare and Day Spa and every few months, they’ll have a special like this. So I got….

A manicure (OPI Suzi Takes The Wheel)







A Pedicure (OPI Get in the Expresso Lane)





And a facial






Carmen is usually the one who does my nails and face during these specials and she’s so sweet. She’s a chatty little lady who is always so complimentary. I don’t have very good skin and she always has something nice to say about it anyways. Like, “the good thing about oily skin is you don’t get wrinkles. Would you like some of mine?’ Or how about “Underneath it all, your skin is really beautiful. Your forehead and around your eyes is so soft.” Thanks Carmen.

After my spa day, I came home and mixed up some crab cakes for supper I was having with my friend Rachel. I found a simple recipe on the Kraft website. I’m a very good cook. But when I screw something up, it’s pretty epic. I’m not sure what I did wrong. Maybe I should have squeezed some more liquid out of the crab or maybe I should have actually measured the water I put in, but they were super super runny so they didn’t fry up very well. Basically they ended up being small piles of mush that did not stick together at all. Oh, and the only dressing I had in the house was Uncle Ben’s and it had dried cranberries in it so this is what I spent a good 20 minutes doing….








I then found out that neither Rachel or myself enjoys sauteed eggplant. Yuck. The peppers and zucchini were’t that great either. Something about sauteeing…it never turns out quite right for me. Rach brought the salad. It was spinach, red onion, red pepper, and a raspberry walnut vinaigrette. An interesting combination to say the least, but surprisingly not terrible. Overall though, ridiculous meal. We went to DQ afterwards to reward ourselves for doing so spectacularly horrible. I had a small cherry sundae with pecans. Yum!


And I Ran

I ran! Not a lot, but I ran. Short 45 second intervals while I walked on the treadmill. 45 seconds running, 2 minutes and 15 seconds walking, for 40 minutes. I don’t remember the last time I ran for any reason. I’m also doing a challenge with some friends this week to walk 30 kms (almost 19 miles for you Americans).

I know I’ve been absent lately, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? 🙂 I promise to write more soon.

More Media

While we’re on the subject of TV, I was reading a post from The Anti-Jared today called Imperfect Perfectionist. He talks about a Marie Claire article written by Maura Kelly on the subject of overweight people and overweight people on tv. A very ignorant article I might add. You can read it for yourself here.

I love the show Mike and Molly. I think it’s well-written and well-acted. I laugh during every episode. Out loud. That’s right, a real life lol. Finding someone to love and love you back, just as you are nonetheless, isn’t easy. And you know what, losing weight isn’t easy either. And for someone who got skinny by starving themselves to say something like “But … I think obesity is something that most people have a ton of control over. It’s something they can change, if only they put their minds to it,” well that’s just ignorant and hypocritical. Sure, she kind of half-heartedley apologizes after the backlash she received, but why did she write it in the first place? I really don’t give a fuck that she has struggled with anorexia and probably still does to this day. You know why I don’t care? Because she’s a mean person. While I can have sympathy for her own personal struggles with food and body image, no addiction is an excuse to behave hatefully.

Big Sexy?


I’ve been meaning to write a post about this show since I heard about it. Let me start by saying the women they’ve decided to feature are amazing. They’re smart, funny, beautiful, and yes, sexy. I’ve seen the first 2 episodes and my thoughts on it still aren’t quite clear. No, let me rephrase that. My thoughts are clear, I’m just not sure which side of the fence I’m on about it yet. I was recently having a conversation about it with my friend Maria and she said this in regards to the women when they were on the beaches in Miami in episode 3, walking around with confidence, hitting on boys, playing sports…” Isn’t that normal…? Why does it have to be highlighted that big girls do all the same things skinny girls do and feel sexy and confident [while doing them]?” And why does it? I mean, they may as well call the show “It Turns Out I CAN Live Life, Even Though I’m Fat. Thanks World”

I feel the same way about other shows that follow plus size women around. How about TLC’s show ‘Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss’? Why is there even a different branch of the show for this? Are the struggles of a plus size bride really all that different from other brides? Sure, it’s harder to try the dresses on since there are way fewer samples to try, but the issues are still the same. Finding a dress that highlights your good features and hides the ones you feel self-conscious about. You can’t tell me that the hottest supermodel in the world doesn’t have a body part she doesn’t want to hide. I remember watching an episode from the first season of Project Runway Canada when the challenge was to design a red carpet dress for Iman and she told them exactly what she likes and doesn’t like and that there is a body part she never shows because it bothers her so much. She wouldn’t reveal what it was, but if Iman can be self-conscious about her body, clearly the rest of us are going to have some issues.

Back to ‘Big Sexy’. The name annoys me. Would they call a show ‘Thin and Sexy’? Or ‘Sexy Skinny’? No, they would not, because it would promote an unfair and unrealistic view of what women should look like. (Plus, they already made ‘Sex and the City’ ;)) So instead they made a show called ‘Big Sexy’ which has managed to offend, empower, as well as support obesity (in some opinions).

In general, I think it’s a fairly realistic view of plus size women in terms of confidence and behaviour, but what exactly are they promoting? I’ve read a few blogs here and there about the show and there seem to be two views…one is that the show is great and plus size women like seeing other women they can relate to, who are confident, but still struggle with body issue, just like EVERY OTHER WOMAN in the world, regardless of size. The other view is that they’re promoting obesity. I don’t exactly agree with that, but I can see where that view is coming from. We don’t see these women working out or eating healthy. You don’t have to be skinny to be healthy and you don’t have to be fat to be unhealthy, but TLC is walking a fine line here. I think 3 episodes really isn’t enough to showcase whatever viewpoint they are trying to show and I hope they film some more. Because whatever the point is, I think it always helps to see someone like you who you can relate to, on tv and in the media. Believe me, seeing plus size women on tv isn’t going to make overweight and obese woman stop trying to lose weight. Just like watching The Biggest Loser doesn’t inspire every overweight person watching to lose weight. Or how watching Super Size Me didn’t stop the masses from eating McDonalds.

So, in conclusion, I have no conclusion. I love the women on the show, but I don’t love the show. How about that? Anyone else watch the show? Thoughts?

PS. The scenes from the BBW party from the first episode? Disgusting and degrading. (If you haven’t watched, there is a “thunder thighs” contest where the women participating, not the women featured on the show, hike up their skirts and shorts and slap their jiggly thighs around while men with fat fetishes watch with hungry eyes.)

I Hab a Code

I haven’t blogged in a lot of days. I’m sick. It feels like I’m currently somewhere between a cold and the flu. I haven’t felt right since Sunday and I’m getting tired of it. I was sick on my days off and I came home early from work today to sleep. Who knows if I’ll make it in tomorrow.

On happier news, I tried on some jeans yesterday and I’m down a size 🙂

Portion Control

The best way to ensure you don’t eat all of the fries you just ordered at the Burger King drive-thru and took home to eat to soothe your hangover is to drop the bag as soon as you exit your car. The fries will spill out all over the driveway, leaving half or less in the bag for you to eat. A brief “5 second rule” thought will cross your mind, but then you will realize your neighbours are standing outside and you already look crazy enough staring down longingly at your fry-riddled driveway, and you should probably just go into the house before anyone sees your tears.