Fat Boy MacGyver

My friend Angela sent me this story about Fat Boy. And since I can’t create a link while I’m using my work computer for some reason, I’ll just cut and paste…


It’s never too late to start to get healthy. And I think it’s a great little story about how important it is to have support along the way and have people watching out for you and keeping you focused on what’s important. Even if we don’t always want them too lol And who among us hasn’t been a little MacGyver ourselves in coming up with creative ways to eat something we shouldn’t and then justify it? Yep, I’m looking at you 😉


3 thoughts on “Fat Boy MacGyver

  1. I was just about to MacGyver my way into a bag of bbq peanuts for supper when I read this. My justification? Its “healthy fat”. Anywho…I’m now having a salad with romaine,radishes, cukes and tuna with a little mayo. Thanks Amy! And thank you too Fat Boy. 🙂

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