It’s Hip To Have A Goal

I love the pinup look and I love everything on the Pinup Girl Clothing site. I’ve decided to incorporate them into a goal and reward for myself. When my hips are 45″ or less, I will buy one of their wiggle dresses. I’ve got 17.5 inches to go.


8 thoughts on “It’s Hip To Have A Goal

  1. OMG … I have looked through that website about a zillion times! I LOVE the clothes and the pinup look as well. We have a store in Vancouver called Scout Boutique that gets all this sorta style and my goal is … when I get to my goal I am going to buy a dress from there 🙂 Great reward idea! Getting a few new clothes as you shrink is important … you really get motivated to keep going!

    • We have a little store like that in Regina too! I can’t wait to be able to shop there. B/c even though most pinup brands claim they have plus size, they really only go up to about an 18 and the options in that size is limited. Next time I come to Vancouver, we’re totally going there!

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