Things I Learned From My Dog

1. Anytime is a good time to go for a walk.

2. No matter how long my day was, how terrible it was, how badly I feel about myself, what I look like, what mistakes I make, there is always a wagging tail and a wet kiss ready and waiting to make my life better.

3. Just because there is food around, I don’t have to eat it if I’m not hungry.

4. When we go to the park, Walter doesn’t jump in the river for a swim. However, he has often fallen in trying to have a drink. But he has never willingly jumped in for a swim. Yesterday was very hot and as soon as we got to the edge of the water, he climbed down the bank and went for a swim. He didn’t HAVE to jump in. He could have had a drink and laid in the shade or waited until we got back to the car for some air conditioning. Jumping into the water wasn’t the only way, but it was the best and fastest way. I’ll be going back to the gym soon.


8 thoughts on “Things I Learned From My Dog

  1. I couldn’t help but think of additional things I learn from my dog that are less inspiring (cause that’s me sorry):

    1. food that has fallen on the floor is still good
    2. if you can reach it, it’s ok to lick yourself
    3. small brain size + no concept of time = happiness
    4. farting loudly in public and then moving away as if it wasnt you is ok.

  2. lol How about…

    1. If your butt itches, it’s totally fine to drag it across clean carpets.
    2. If I look sad enough, I’ll get whaever I want.
    And 3. If it doesn’t fight back, I can hump anything I want. And even if it does, I should try again at least once.

  3. Oh, I wouldn’t want to learn eating habits from my dog 😀 He eats as much as he gets, no leftovers for him! Once he “accidentally” found his food bag- he ate it all without even thinking. I nearly passed out when I got home and saw some kind of balloon with my dog’s face!:D

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