Everybody Poops

The first thing I notice when I eat healthy is my poop changes. When I eat fast food and chips and highly processed foods, I have almost constant diarrhea. My tummy hates me during these times. With one exception (Italian Star Deli spicy sandwich for a going-away lunch. It burned my Italian star on the way out.) my stomach and bowels have been loving me for the last almost 3 weeks. I don’t want to get too graphic, but soft, solid, easy, and pleasant are all words I would use to describe my poo as of late.

Now for today. Rachel and I decided we would take part in our weekly allowable fast food together. For those of you who might be wondering, “Didn’t she have McDonald’s yesterday?” Why yes I did. And thank you for remembering and pointing out my slip. Jerks. So back to today. Rachel and I went to Taco Time. Even though I had planned last week on having it, I still felt guilty going in and weighed my options on the menu. Maybe I should get something with chicken. Or just vegetables. And no mexi-fries.  But the thing is, I love mexi-fries. Little deep-fried nuggets of Heaven. What I like to do is squirt ketchup into the hot sauce and dip each one separately and savour the crunch and heat. mmm So I decided that I’d ignore the guilt. If I’m going to eat a taco, I’m going to enjoy it. In moderation. Even though it is Taco Tuesday, there’s no need for me to buy 5 tacos for $5. I went with the super beef, but instead of the large, I got the regular. Same with the mexi-fries and the drink. This whole portion control thing is hard, but well worth it. I felt completely satisfied with what I had ordered and eaten and I did not feel bloated or immediately have to run to the bathroom after I was finished. And it surprisingly kept me full all afternoon. However, when I got to work and had some soup for supper, my stomach started turning. And I did have to run to the bathroom. Nothing super explosive, but enough to make me glad I’m no longer eating fast food every other day of the week.

Any other bodily changes for the better you’ve noticed?


4 thoughts on “Everybody Poops

  1. As long as you are eating foods that are high in fibre and spicy foods, the body always seems to find a way to push it right out. It’s a weird thing, but hey! it’s a good sign right? a healthy routine that you should maintain though? is your poop should always take very little effort and it should come out easy, if it’s hard to do it then you aren’t drinking enough water. The best way to tell if you are properly hydrated is when you go pee, if it’s yellow? you are HEAVILY dehydrated and if it’s clear? you’re doing alright 🙂 yes to most people this is disturbing but i hope this helps 🙂 🙂

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