You Don’t Make Friends With Salad

Unless it’s a watermelon and feta cheese salad that is. I like our summer student so much now. He was mildly iffy before. If you’ve never tried it, you need to try it. Now. Four simple ingredients and you have yourself a simple and healthy side dish, great for potlucks and helping get your water levels up. We often plan meals together at work and tonight we decided we’d create a healthy meal based around the watermelon salad. In addition to the salad we had mini crustless, vegetable quiches. Oh, and french bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. mmmm And for dessert we are having frozen yogurt with strawberries. Ok, the bread isn’t exactly healthy, but it is delicious and so it is allowed to stay.

Recipe:  Mix together one watermelon, feta cheese, and equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dressing (about a 1/4 cup each). Pour dressing on just before serving and make sure to serve the watermelon cold.

Memory and motivation time. My mom started working outside the home when I was probably about 9 or so. I was always a big kid. Tall, meaty, but I was also a farm kid. I played outside, I helped with chores, and I was healthy. I was also a shy kid. I didn’t speak up very much, and I didn’t have a lot of friends. I think it was around this preteen time that my eating really started. When I got home from school, Dad would come in to say hello and ask how our day was and then he’d be back outside working so my brother and I were left to ourselves until chore time. It was this hour or so that I really took advantage of. I bring it up because it has to do with salad. Now, your basic iceberg lettuce with some tomatoes, carrots, and cucumber is a pretty boring salad. And that is of course why people drench it in ranch dressing. But I would go one step further. I would make myself a salad just to cover it in miracle whip. It was like I’d never tasted the tangy zip of Miracle Whip. It was amazing! I’m totally grossed out thinking about it now, but I was basically eating a bowl of dressing with little bits of vegetables getting in the way. By the end of high school, I weighed 270, but I could still carry two to three 5-gallon pails of grain or chop, climb a fence, and dump them out to feed the livestock. These days, I almost lose my breath carrying my laundry up the stairs once every week or two. And my 60 year old father is still carrying 4 or 5 pails over the fence to feed the livestock and does it on a daily basis. Inspiration is everywhere, in salads and dads.


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